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Twitter CEO says bitcoin will rule the world in ten years

Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey said in a recent interview with The Times that he believes that bitcoin will become the world’s single currency by 2028. “The world ultimately will have a single currency, the internet will have a single currency.” Dorsey said in the interview. “I personally believe that it will […]

How bitcoins made 50 Cent $7 million richer

Rapper 50 Cent agreed to take 700 Bitcoins as payment for his 2014 album “Animal Ambition” and is now $7 million richer for it. 50 Cent did not hesitate to brag on social media with this post: At the time, Bitcoin was only worth $660 and still was not known […]

Japan’s All-Girl Pop Cryptocurrency Group

There’s a new Japan all-girl pop group, and its eight members represent different cryptocurrencies. Meet Kasotsuka Shojo, they held their first ever cryptopop concert in Tokyo last January 12.   The group’s name translates to Virtual Currency Girls. The group was launched by Japanese entertainment company, Cinderella Academy. Each girl […]

ICYMI: Skip Bayless is still LeBron’s Number One Hater

Unlike most logical and empathetic human beings out there who witnessed this freak injury suffered by the Boston Celtics newly-acquired forward Gordon Hayward, Skip Bayless instead of sympathizing with the injured player found a way to take a shot at LeBron James. This, unsurprisingly, made some fans and basketball players […]

Back2Back New Year BTC Giveaway Winners!

Back2Back New Year BTC Giveaway Winners!

  Congratulations to all the winners of our first promotional event of the year! Be updated on our latest events by following our Facebook page and Twitter account and by visiting our Official Lunarbets blog. We have promos and events lined up just for you!  

Lunarbets launches its new and improved website!

Lunarbets launches its new and improved website!

After several months of hard work and careful deliberation of what valued users want and need, Lunarbets is proud to present its new and improved website! Complete with features that make it one of the best bitcoin sportsbooks in the world.   Everything you need When you visit, you […]