The NBA Playoffs is here! And predictions are all over the internet. These analyses are important for you as a bettor as they guide you on what teams to bet on. Here is a list that can help you:

  1. Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report gives you a detailed look at all the matchups. They even have the confidence to predict the playoff race until the championship round.

2. Sporting News

Sporting News has prepared an analysis of the 1st round of the  Western Conference and the Eastern Conference.  They have prepared two important details in their analysis: the key player and the key number. This will greatly help you in betting.

3. TYT Sports

If you want to skip reading and just want a chill predictions talk with two guys, then, this YouTube video is for you.

***Just remember: Predictions are a great help but be careful of the common mistakes bettors make in the NBA playoffs.***

What are your playoff predictions? Tell us on the comment box below!


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