LeBron James is a bonafide basketball superstar. Hell, he’s in the conversation of being the greatest of all time. Arguably, second only to the great Michael Jordan. Being great means having haters, but more importantly, being great earns you legion of fans that will stay behind you wherever you go. Whether you leave Cleveland, go to Miami, and go back to Cleveland again. Now, there are a lot of quizzes already that are out in the internet testing people’s level of fanaticism to the “King”, LeBron James. What we have here are seminal books and articles that true LeBron fans have read or must read to really actually know LeBron James.



  • Return of the King: LeBron James, the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Greatest Comeback in NBA History by Brian Windhorst and Dave McMenamin


Windhorst and McMenamin chronicles the the most improbable comeback in NBA history through an exhaustive reportage. This is the

 story of the King and how he delivered for the city of Cleveland—told in a captivating story filled with spectacular detail.

Here’s what Ernie Johnson, Studio Host of TNT’s Inside the NBA has to say about the book: “Brian Windhorst and Dave

 McMenamin don’t just cover the NBA. They live it. And in THE RETURN OF THE KING, their storytelling has never been better. From the decision-making process in the Cavaliers’ front office which led LeBron James’s return, to the assembly of the championship roster, to the players-only email from GM David Griffin with the Cavs down 3-1 in the NBA Finals, to the candid exchanges between LeBron and Tyronn Lue, there is nothing left uncovered. Man, what a compelling read!”



  • The Blueprint: LeBron James, Cleveland’s Deliverance, and the Making of the Modern NBA by Jason Lloyd


Jason Lloyd, a longtime Northeast Ohio resident and a reporter for the Akron Beacon Journal, is a true witness to the greatness of LeBron James and how he ended the infamous Cleveland curse.


Here’s what Rachel Nichols of ESPN has to say about the book: “This book is about basketball, but also about hope and loss and redemption and what happens when the impossible becomes real. Page after page, Lloyd expertly pulls back the curtain on all the private moments that coalesced to give Cleveland something more than a miracle: its first major championship in more than half a century.”





Shea Serrano breaks down the highlight reels of LeBron James in this hilariously told and examined article.


Have you read all of these? What do you think of our selection? What would you add or remove? Tell us on the comment box below!

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