The NBA playoffs is finally here once again! For homebodies, this means setting up the best TV experience with a bottle of beer, a bag of chips, and a slice of pizza. Sometimes, though, for die-hards, NBA action is not enough. We want more.

Basketball junkies and those who want to have some #legit basketball fan #cred look for more. More basketball videos, memes, news, and even analysis. With numerous websites, TV programs, and podcasts to visit, watch, and listen to, where does one start? Here are three of Lunarbets go-to basketball program, podcast, and website to satisfy that #ballislife lifestyle.

  1. The Starters

The Starters is a daily show on NBA TV hosted by JE Skeets, Tas Melas, Leigh Ellis, and Trey Kerby. The 22-minute Monday to Friday show is made for true NBA fans by real NBA fans. The show offers a healthy dose of basketball analysis peppered with fun basketball memes and Twitter polls and conversations. Skeets, Tas, Leigh, and Trey provide a show that feels like your regular night out conversations with your friends, only with less beer and more clever insights backed up with statistical and graphical data. It’s a must-watch for hardcore and newbie NBA fans alike.

  1. The Lowe Post

Originally a Grantland staff writer, Zach Lowe now writes for ESPN and continues to have one of the best NBA podcasts to follow. Fans know Lowe for his insightful basketball analysis and sharp commentary, and in The Lowe Post, Lowe’s trademark brilliance is very much alive. The show is a treasure trove for basketball knowledge thanks to Lowe’s great understanding of the game and his ability to give engaging interviews to his guests. For the thinking NBA fan, Lowe’s podcast is a must-listen.

  1. The Ringer

Serious NBA fans are all familiar with Bill Simmons, author of The Book of Basketball and founder of the highly praised and now defunct website, Grantland. Moving from Grantland, Simmons established The Ringer  in 2016. The Ringer, like its predecessor, Grantland, writes about various topics but covers the NBA enough for the most hardcore basketball junkie out there. With writers from Kevin O’Connor who provide sharp and engaging basketball analysis to Shea Serrano who pen witty and hilarious stories, The Ringer satisfies every fan’s big basketball appetite. I mean, just take this test that The Ringer published last March.

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