After several months of hard work and careful deliberation of what valued users want and need, Lunarbets is proud to present its new and improved website! Complete with features that make it one of the best bitcoin sportsbooks in the world.


  1. Everything you need

When you visit, you will see everything you need to know about the website. It boasts of comprehensive guides from e-mail verification to making a withdrawal, a well-designed board that lets you know what games are about to start, and a tour for beginners interested in making Lunarbets their go-to bitcoin sportsbook.

  1. Best odds in the bitcoin sportsbook world

Lunarbets now prides itself on having the best odds of all sportsbooks. In fact, just recently, Bitedge hailed Lunarbets as the champion of the most competitive sportsbook odds in the world.

  1. Sleek and beautiful

Lunarbets remains one of the most visually stunning and user-friendly sportsbooks in the world. With its calming color scheme and sleek interface, it ensures bettors hassle-free transactions.

  1. Excellent 24/7 Customer Support

They say, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Lunarbets’ excellent customer service is still well and good. Its built-in chat with unprecedented response time will help you answer all your immediate concerns in no time. Lunarbets also provides easy access FAQ and Guide sections, which offer instant answers to the most common questions users face.

  1. But wait… There’s more to come!

Lunarbets will be launching its Lunar Coins System next month. Although its specifics remain secret, Lunarbets hints on creating a more enticing and rewarding betting system for newbies and seasoned bettors.This means almost everything you do, from depositing bitcoins to topping-up will be rewarded!

The Lunar Coins System will be launched next month. Do not miss it!

Don’t forget to check out Lunarbets at and experience what sports betting done right really is!

*Note: Some countries may not be able to access the Lunarbets website due to IP restriction.

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